Flowchart depicting movement of mail articles through the system.

I've been using gnus as my mail client for a while now. I like it in general, but I'm starting to get annoyed at some of the limitations of nnimap, so I wanted to look at using offlineimap to talk to the mail server and mirror my mail locally. I ran into some roadblocks along the way, and wasn't able to find a setup matching mine, so here's my writeup of how it panned out.

Taking a look at the Google+ API terms of service.

Taking a look at the Google+ API, I ran into the requirement to accept the Google+ Platform Terms of Service. Being a legal as well as computer nerd, I decided to actually read the damn thing. At first the terms looked reasonable, but it fell apart for me in sections 4 and 5.

TL;DR I'd have trouble taking a *paid* position that required me to agree to some of these terms, much less accepting them in order to pursue my hobby. I'm considering deleting my Google+ account now if this is Google's idea of "opening up" their system.

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